Modifications Gallery

Crane ignition installation. Ignition modification with *advance* module. Repair of advance module. Carb mods for ignition advance. Coolant cross-pipe. Fan and clutch swap. Brass expansion tank. Coolant filter.

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Lucas Advance Curves Specs.(see Ignition Page) Open this photo and print the image from your browser

Carb Vacuum ADVANCE take offs. See below for internal view.

Close up of intake manifold and vacuum ADVANCE take off

Coolant cross-pipe made from domestic plumbing fittings

Cross pipe again.Note internal bend

Showing elbow on front of pipe

Crane 1.jpg

Note dark patch where pickup carrier rotates about distributor body casting. Ridges had formed that I filed down to allow smooth rotation of carrier.

The two projections on the inside diameter of the pickup carrier that cause wear ridges. Also visible is my araldite reinforcement of the pick up base.

Re-assembled with Crane disc

This shows a self tapper that I used to replace roll pin that holds vacuum module to dizzy. I enlarged holes to suit screw

Home-made coolant hose filter

Old metal fan and new AJ16 engine fan

Fans Rear (new one from 4 litre XJ)

Repaired air cleaner diverter vacuum canister. I used same "silicon-coated handbag" material as vacuum advance module to replace diaphragm.

Red arrow - coolant filter hose clamp. Yellow arrow - replacement brass expansion tank- BEWARE pipe arrowed goes to bottom of tank to draw coolant back to rad on cool down.

Vacuum advance parts. Rod on right is original after removing peened on washers. Diaphragm replacement is home-made from woven nylon handbag material coated both sides with silicone sealer.

Vacuum advance rods from other end. A little silicon sealer was used on mating parts on reassembly to keep airtight.

Rebuilt vacuum ADVANCE (Originally fitted with retard module) Nut on bell end broke off in trials

Showing soldered reinforcement of nut on bell AND length of internal spring removed to allow earlier start of advance.

Mirror showing internal view of drilling for carb vacuum advance port. (Butterfly set at normal idle position).