This'n that Gallery

This, that'n t'other. Some LARGE and some small files. Photos I forgot to put in other galleries, a few funnies, and other loose ends (family)!



Aegean Blue 66 VDP

Top Secret!

Chris, my cousin (an E-type owner)

Me (right) with Dad, Bro., and cousins at a wedding in Scotland. Fantastic do!

Coral 66 VdP (nice colour)

Coral 66 VdP

Daimler Corsica

My Dad was an exceptional organist! A keyboard for each hand helps!

Daimler XJ-S

G-AIDL I'll never forget a flight in this old beauty. A DeHavilland Dragon Rapide.

Geordie Windaz.jpg


Harewood House. Worth looking round. This is the other side from the show ground.

Ready to dive into the dark depths of the rear sub frame!

Mistletoe 66 VDP

This is my desktop as it is now. I'd like to see other peoples ('cos I'm nosey)

Paul's joints.



Rover Convertible - never seen one before!

Rover 60(?) or "Cyclops" as they're known. My G'dad had one & it stayed in the family for years and years.



My old Punto just managed this caravan. The Daimler doesn't know it's there though.


My first outing with it

The Lake District, Cumbria

What a V12 can do with a manual gearbox!

Outing with Wales jagclub.The XJ6 at back is a cabriolet

White Cross Bay, Windermere in Lake District. Spent many summers here as a kid.