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Diagrams, drawings, other possibly useful pics.

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Air cleaner flap valve canister

Boot Spring (worn through hole)

Coil and Ballast details from Repair Operations Manual (With my scribbles on!)

Timing chain tensioner and engine block





Label on air filter (mine's missing)

Bonnet latch mod. Allows more opening.

Rad blocked with Barrs Leaks

Rad close up

Prop shaft alignment tool

Crane Cams PS91 coil (my mounting)

BEWARE! New rotors of different sizes!

Stromberg exploded

V12 head (injection)

Wiring diagram (join to other half) LARGE FILE SIZE from R.O.M.

Wiring diagram (other half) LARGE FILE SIZE from R.O.M.

Wiring Key LARGE FILE SIZE from R.O.M.(See download below)

Below is an Excel file for translating Wiring Diagram Component Numbers into the actual Component Names.
After the file has opened, use "File/Save As" to save a copy.
Click Here to download Excel file