Interior Work Gallery

Mainly centre console, A/C repairs, stereo & speaker installation, switches, seat condition

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Driver's door pocket. I need a new one as material is torn. New and old speakers compared

Centre pod with new A/C mod. switches either side of (working) clock

'Rats nest!' yellow silicon tubing used to replace perished rubber.

Close up of what's behind radio

A weekend to do this lot. Note colour of dash wood behind centre pod.

A/C vacuum valves are down there

Closer view of vacuum valves

Vacuum valves again. Brass end caps dropped off, so no A/C.

Cams behind vacuum valves. Note split hose on extreme right.

Ok, ok, thirty-one years later and it's still not been replaced!

Later type wheel fitted - much better

Gardner and Napoli A/C mods. switches in situ.

Drivers seat. No tears, but needs conditioning with Leatherique

Rear seats fairly good

Some slight marks

Controls for rear passengers. Need to fix switchplate

Driver's view (minus door panel!)

Stereo installed. All switches and lights sorted.