Bodywork Gallery

Rear arches, sills, repaint, etc.

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Front end good so just cleaned up and painted/sealed. Tubing is for fresh air vents.

Sill front end exposed.

Rear tank cover removed

Sill being replaced and arch cut out

Sill front end

Front end undressed. Painted then waxoyled before refit

Under wraps

Building single skin wheel arch to avoid rust trap

Previous bodge - no hole for tank

New plate with hole for tank access

Sill rear. Note arch-edge underseal bodge up. Inner wing edge rusty.

Tumbledown garage-but a genius works there!

Rear sill 'During Surgery' Checkout 'Before Surgery'

Rear inner sill again. Was cut back further before rebuild.

Front of new sill

Rear lower panel had been replaced and was OK

This sill was new before last paint job but no protection inside!

Rebuilt inner sill. Silver coating is weld through primer.

Rebuilt inner rear sill end

Door frames painted then doors re-hung and main paint job

Rear sill 'Before Surgery'

Rear sill 'before' only small bubbles showing! If buying one of these cars, look out, there's worse behind

Front sill 'before'

Rear arch 'during'

Tank panel removed

A finely painted (tapering) coachline had been put on a body bodge up!