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Files available to download and other useful links for troubleshooting.

Series II XJ12 Wiring Diagram Component Translator (Excel file) This is useful to identify the components on the wiring diagram that are numbered. The list in the manual is not ordered, and this file allows you to enter the component number and identifies it.

Also included is a page with British Standards Institute Colour Codes for Vehicle Wiring.

This Excel file opens in a new page. To save a copy on your computer, go to "File" and choose "Save As".

Wiring diagrams for OPUS Ignition This is not a download, but a link to a page on my ReOpus ignition web site that may be useful. I put a link here because anyone trying to tune their car might find it handy.

Buckeye Stromberg2.pdf Essential reading for V12 owners with carbs! Originally written for Triumph owners, I've added some stuff relevant to V12's. The last two pages are scans of diagrams showing vacuum tubing layout for emissions and timing control on the V12 carb engine. This is a large (3.83Mb.) "Adobe Acrobat .pdf " file. I've had to remove this download from my site due to exceeding bandwidth. IF YOU REALLY NEED A COPY, email me via the link on the left column and I will send as an email attachment.


MOVIES & ... things...

Well, I did have some movies on here, but they became so popular that the site exceeded it's bandwidth limits. Sorry, but I've had to remove them to avoid the site being shut down.