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Jaguar/Daimler related Organisations

The Jaguar Enthusiast's Club
Well organised UK club with it's own glossy monthly magazine. Well worth joining - I did.

Probably the best website of any marque - with 69,000 members. This is THE place to find answers about your Jag/Daimler from knowledgable owners all over the world. Great Forums and mailing lists where I hang out. Hope to see you there.

Jaguar World
The UK magazine's web site. Another Forum that I frequent. Many cars for sale in the online classifieds.

Jaguar UK Homepage
The place to dream of the new cars - and then design and order them!

The Jaguar And Daimler Heritage Trust
Jaguar Car's Heritage Museum site. You can buy new parts for these old cars and get details of your cars manufacture!

Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club
Many pre-70's Daimlers in their membership. For that reason they encourage and welcome later model owners. Public and private user forum.

AJ6 Engineering
Manufacturers of sensible performance enhancements for Jag engines. The owner, Roger Bywater, worked at Jaguar and helped develop the V12 engine. Tons & tons of very interesting information on the site.

Knowles Wilkins Engineering
Re-engineered Jaguar and Daimler classics. As featured on BBC Top Gear 3 times. Cars to drool over - I want one!

Footman James
Classic and Collector's Car Insurance in the UK. The best rates I have found. Classic cars are cheap to insure!

Auto forumz.com
Car problems? Get expert advice from community peers. Many makes and models covered.

UK Classic Cars
Internet directory covering all makes


Enthusiasts Homepages

Kirby Palm's Jaguar Page
This is where to download "The Book" as it's known on the Jag-lovers forum. The Book is essential reading for all owners with a V12 under their bonnet.

Ed Sowell
An XJ-S owner, but many parts in common with the saloons. A great site with "photo tutorials".

Bernard Emden
Another XJ-S site, but even the "Haynes" manual covers the V12 saloon along with the XJ-S. Loads of photo help again

Sean Straw's Jaguar pages
XJ-S biased again, but still more information and projects that can be used on the saloons.

Collection of photos and info on XJ and Daimler Coupes down under. Historically interesting.

FiBoy's XJ-C Pages
Super site showing the transformation of an XJ12 Coupe into what might have been the SIII version (or beyond). Also, look at the superb Jaguar art, photos, and models.

Mark Barker's Badly Written Website
As it says on the tin!

Ron McGrice Homepage
Another one from down under. Some interesting photos.

All the above are a selection of links from my "Favourites" folder. I have over 170 links related to Jaguars and Daimlers. If you're new to classic Jags or want to spend several days browsing through them, send me an email and I'll send a copy of the folder to you.


Classic Cars

Great site for buyers/sellers of Jags/Daimler and all other makes.


Aston Martin enthusiast web site with classifieds, price guides, model data and history.


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